Windows Phone 7 Webcast Series

An exclusive series of webcast by Pune User Group… This series of webcast will give you a jumpstart into the new Windows Phone world by providing you with a step-by-step explanation of the tools to use and some key concepts for programming Windows Phones.

60 Minutes a day, once in a week, 7 weeks in a row. Windows Phone 7 Webcast Series.

Every Friday 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM starting from 12th Nov, 2010 

Get ready to add that expert touch to your mobile development projects!


About Presenter:

Mayur Tendulkar

Mayur Tendulkar is an Electrical Engineer by qualification and MAD (Mobile Application Developer) by passion, working in the areas of Mobile and Embedded devices. Mayur is experienced in Microsoft technologies like .NET Framework with Visual Studio, Windows Mobile Application development, ASP.NET Web Application development etc. He has spoken at various events like Pune User Group’s Developer Conferences, Microsoft Virtual TechDays and Microsoft Architect Days. He has delivered guest lectures at many colleges in India. Since 2006, for continuous contribution to the academic community, Microsoft awarded him, ‘Microsoft Student Partner’ (MSP) status. During this time, he represented student voice at Channel 8 (now its Microsoft Student Lounge) and conducted various events as a MSP. Currently he is volunteering as Pune User Group’s Mobile & Embedded - Special Interest Group (SIG) Lead. You can visit his site or read his blog at













List of webcasts





12 Nov, 2010

Getting started with Mobile Development

Mobile is everywhere. These days, even school going kids use mobile phones. And there are so many devices, so many platforms, but which one to select and why? Apart from that, there are different kinds of applications and which one is the best? Where should I start from to build such kind of applications? Which tools do I need to buy? What about licensing? Do you have all these questions? Attend this webcast and you’ll get introduced to ‘Mobile Development’.


19 Nov 2010

Windows Phone 7 – A New Kind of Phone

To build on top of any platform, developers must know that platform inside-out. Windows Phone 7 has a different game altogether. The device has unique features like: 3 buttons to execute specific task, 5 sensors, Camera and much more. It has different application execution cycle. There are new concepts of Launchers and Choosers. And Developers must know these features before getting started with ‘REAL’ Windows Phone 7 development.


26 Nov 2010

Windows Phone 7 Internals

In this webcast, developers will get started with application development for Windows Phone 7. Developers will get introduced to new controls, code methodologies and practices about building ‘mobility aware’ applications for Windows Phone 7.


3 Dec, 2010

Building End-2-End Business Application For Windows Phone 7

Business applications involve data-access, reporting, analysts by authorized users. Windows Phone 7 does give access to data by means of services. In this webcast, developers will get introduced to data access techniques they need to know whilst developing business applications for Windows Phone 7


10 Dec 2010

SharePoint on Windows Phone 7

SharePoint is a hottest selling product from Microsoft. It is used for team collaboration, data management, blogs, wikis, social networking and what not. But accessing SharePoint on mobile devices is pain. Yeah. We know you can access SharePoint on mobile, but what about rich user interface and complete SharePoint functionality on a mobile device? Want to know about it? Join us.


17 Dec 2010

Location Based Services for Windows Phone 7

Mobile phones are best navigators. Using Windows Phone 7, users can locate themselves and can roam around the places with in-mobile navigation systems. Because of this, Location Based Services are becoming popular day by day. In this webcast, developer will get to know about building Location Based Services (LBS) applications for Windows Phone 7 devices.


24 Dec 2010

Honey, Show Me The Money

Okay. You’ve developed a nice application, but until and unless you share it with your friends, there is no joy in it. In this webcast, developer will get to know about marketing, sharing, selling their Windows Phone 7 applications through Windows MarketPlace for Mobile.



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